Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Administration

By Miguel Pérez Colino , Pablo Iranzo Gómez , Scott McCarty
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About this book

The Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA 8) certification exam is a fully practical exam that validates system administrators' skills to install, configure, and troubleshoot their applications and services on Linux systems.

Complete with self-assessment questions, tips, and mock exams with detailed solutions, this book covers essential Linux commands, user and group management, software management, networking fundamentals, and much more using succinct explanations. You'll start by learning how to create an RHEL 8 virtual machine and get to grips with essential Linux commands. You'll then understand how to manage users and groups on an RHEL 8 system, install software packages, and configure your network interfaces and firewall. As you advance, the book will help you explore disk partitioning, LVM configuration, Stratis Volumes, disk compression with VDO, and container management with Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo.

By the end of this book, you'll have covered everything you need to pass the RHCSA EX200 certification exam and be able to use this book as a handy, on-the-job desktop reference guide.

Publication date:
November 2021

About the Authors

  • Miguel Pérez Colino

    Miguel is an experienced IT enthusiast with a clear orientation towards open source software & open standards. He has an extensive background in IT, from operations to architecture of large deployments; from identifying and prototyping solutions to defining IT strategies. He has delivered large projects, including NATO interoperable command and control systems in defence, extensive large deployments in retail (>15.000 devices) and digital transformation in the finance sector.

    Now, as part of the Cloud Platforms Business Unit, in Red Hat, he works as Senior Principal Product Manager to build the tools and define methodologies to ease modernization and migration for customers, enabling the use of the open source

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  • Pablo Iranzo Gómez

    Pablo is a Software Engineer that started his Linux exposure while studying Physics, period during which he was also involved in LUG’s and some projects related with HPC clusters and system administration and consultancy.

    Currently, he is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat's SolEng Department, focusing on OpenShift, with experience in Consulting, Cloud Technical Account Management, OpenStack Software Maintenance at industries like Hotel, Retail, Airlines, Government, Telco, 5G, Partners, IT covering System Administration and Automation, Virtualization, PaaS, Support, Cloud, etc. where he has a broad understanding of different views, needs and risks across the industry.

    Pablo was born and lives in Valencia, Spain with his family.

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  • Scott McCarty

    At Red Hat, Scott McCarty is a principal product manager for the container subsystem team, which enables key product capabilities in OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Focus areas include container runtimes, tools, and images.

    Scott is a social media start-up veteran, an e-commerce old timer, and a weathered government research technologist, with experience across a variety of companies and organizations, from seven person startups to 15,000 employee technology companies. This has culminated in a unique perspective on open source software development, delivery, and maintenance.

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