React - The Complete Guide (includes Hooks, React Router, and Redux) - Second Edition [Video]

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By Academind GmbH
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About this video

**This course is now updated for the latest version of React – React 18**

React.js is the most popular JavaScript library you can learn and use these days to build modern, reactive user interfaces for the web. Learn React.js in a practice-oriented way, using all the latest patterns and best practices you need. You will learn all the key fundamentals as well as advanced concepts and related topics to turn you into a React.js developer.

You will begin with a thorough introduction to React.js and the core basics: how React works, building components and UIs, props, and dynamic data binding. Then, we will proceed toward working with user events, React hooks, fragments, and portals, and will learn to deal with side-effects, class-based components, and functional components. Gain an in-depth knowledge about handling forms and user input, Redux and Redux Toolkit, Next.js, combining React with TypeScript, and much more. This is a huge course because it really covers EVERYTHING you need to know and learn to become a React.js developer!

You will get tons of useful information out of this course. The goal of this course is to ensure that you feel confident working with React so that you can apply for React jobs, use it in your own projects, or simply enhance your portfolio as a developer; whatever your goal is, this course gets you there!

By the end of this course, you will become a React.js developer.

All resources are available at

Publication date:
May 2021
47 hours 59 minutes

About the Author

  • Academind GmbH

    Academind GmbH

    Bundling courses and the knowledge of successful instructors, Academind strives to deliver high-quality online education. The platform covers topics such as web development, data analysis, and more, in a fun and engaging way.

    Maximilian Schwarzmüller

    A professional web developer and instructor, he has never stopped learning new programming skills and languages since the age of 13. In his early days, he started creating websites simply for fun. This passion has remained and shaped his decision to work as a freelance web developer and consultant. Although he started web development on the backend (PHP with Laravel and NodeJS), he has progressed to becoming a front-end developer using modern frameworks such as React, Angular, and VueJS 2 in many projects.

    The most rewarding experience for him is to see how people find new and better jobs, build exciting web applications, acquire amazing projects, or simply enjoy their hobbies with the help of his content.

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Latest Reviews

(4 reviews total)
wonderful course coverage
Fun, engaging course covering these subjects in a useful way. As usual for these subjects, the hardest part is to explain the value of a feature and its interaction and this course does a great job.
A Complete Guide, the Video gives me ideas about organising my teaching sessions

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React - The Complete Guide (includes Hooks, React Router, and Redux) - Second Edition [Video]
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