React - The Complete Guide (incl. Hooks, React Router and Redux) [Video]

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By Academind GmbH
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  1. Getting Started

About this video

Learn React or dive deeper into it. Learn the theory, solve assignments, practice on demo projects and build one big application which is improved throughout the course: The Burger Builder! JavaScript is the major driver of modern web applications since it's the only programming language which runs in the browser and hence allows you to provide highly reactive apps. You'll be able to achieve mobile-app like user experiences in the web. But using JavaScript can be challenging - it quickly becomes overwhelming to create a nice web app with vanilla JavaScript and jQuery only. React to the rescue! React is all about components - basically custom HTML elements - with which you can quickly build amazing and powerful web apps. Just build a component once, configure it to your needs, dynamically pass data into it (or listen to your own events!) and re-use it as often as needed. Need to display a list of users in your app? It's as simple as creating a "User" component and outputting it as often as needed. By the end of the course, you will be able to build amazing React (single page) applications! A short refresher about the most important next-gen features is provided in the course.

Publication date:
May 2018
37 hours 43 minutes

About the Author

  • Academind GmbH

    Maximilian Schwarzmüller is a professional web developer and instructor. Since the age of 13, he has never stopped learning new programming skills and languages. In the early days, he started creating websites for friends and fun. This passion has remained and shaped his decision to work as a freelance web developer and consultant. The success and fun he has in this job is immense and keeps that passion alive. Although he started web development on the back end (PHP with Laravel and NodeJS), he has increasingly become a front-end developer using modern frameworks, such as React, Angular, or VueJS 2, in a lot of projects. He loves both worlds nowadays! As a self-taught developer, he had broadened his horizon by studying Business Administration, resulting in a master’s degree. It enabled him to work in a major strategy consultancy as well as a bank. Whilst learning and developing his skills, he realized that he enjoyed development more than these fields. As a self-taught professional, Max is familiar with the difficult topics when learning new or improving on already-known languages. This background and experience enable him to focus on the most relevant key concepts and topics. His track record is the best proof of that. Whether working as a development instructor or teaching Business Administration, he always receives great feedback. The most rewarding experience is to see how people find new and better jobs, build awesome web applications, acquire amazing projects, or enjoy their hobby with the help of his content.

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Latest Reviews

(3 reviews total)
Jedná se o skvělý kurz který vše vysvětluje zábavnou formou
the curriculum and the explanation are excellents
Max is a great teacher. He makes learning a new technology fun and easy.

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