React Front to Back [Updated for 2021] [Video]

By Brad Traversy
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  1. Course Introduction

About this video

Are you looking to leverage the capabilities of React to build interactive elements for a website? Making the process of learning the latest version of React practical, this course is the best for you.

The course starts with an introduction to React and explains the process of installing it on your system. Next, you will become familiar with React components, states, props, and router and then understanding how to use hooks and context. Moving along, you will go through the process of setting up MongoDB Atlas and Express Server and learn how to build a custom application programming interface (API) with JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication. Next, you will create a client-side setup and use React and Express for user registration and authentication. Finally, you will create a Contact API integration and deploy it to Heroku and get to grips with Redux with the help of an interesting project.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with modern React 16.8 and will have developed the skills to build a full-stack Mongo DB, Express, React, Node (MERN) application with a custom Express backend API.

The code bundle for this course is available at

Publication date:
February 2019
13 hours 57 minutes

About the Author

  • Brad Traversy

    Brad Traversy has been programming for around 12 years and teaching for almost 5 years. He is the owner of Traversy Media, a successful web development YouTube channel. He specializes in everything from HTML5 to front-end frameworks, such as Angular, as well as server-side technologies, such as Node.js, PHP, and Python. Brad has mastered the art of explaining very complex topics in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

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