React Design Patterns and Best Practices - Second Edition

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By Carlos Santana Roldán
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  1. Section 1: Hello React!

About this book

React is an adaptable JavaScript library for building complex UIs from small, detached bits called components. This book is designed to take you through the most valuable design patterns in React, helping you learn how to apply design patterns and best practices in real-life situations.

You’ll get started by understanding the internals of React, in addition to covering Babel 7 and Create React App 2.0, which will help you write clean and maintainable code. To build on your skills, you will focus on concepts such as class components, stateless components, and pure components. You'll learn about new React features, such as the context API and React Hooks that will enable you to build components, which will be reusable across your applications. The book will then provide insights into the techniques of styling React components and optimizing them to make applications faster and more responsive. In the concluding chapters, you’ll discover ways to write tests more effectively and learn how to contribute to React and its ecosystem.

By the end of this book, you will be equipped with the skills you need to tackle any developmental setbacks when working with React. You’ll be able to make your applications more flexible, efficient, and easy to maintain, thereby giving your workflow a boost when it comes to speed, without reducing quality.

Publication date:
March 2019


Section 1: Hello React!

In this section, we will learn about the basics of React and modern JavaScript concepts. We will then move on to understanding concepts including JSX, spread attributes, JavaScript templating, and common patterns and code styles. Finally, we will take a look at the basics of functional programming.

The following chapters will be covered in this section:

About the Author

  • Carlos Santana Roldán

    Carlos Santana Roldán is a senior web developer with more than 13 years of experience. Currently, he is working as a senior software engineer at Snapchat. He is the founder of JS Education, where he teaches people web technologies such as React, Node.js, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

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(4 reviews total)
Really bad experience, the site is very unstable, I had to make several attempts to finally being able to pay, always getting errors from the back end. I couldn't pay for 3 days, using two different credit cards, I could complete the purchase at the 4th day. Additionally, there is no support at all in this cases, the form for it, had errors too when I tried to send (It never worked anyway). Very bad experience, very unstable site, I hope I don't need to purchase in this site again.
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Only thing I would improve is finding and downloading the ebook. 1. Tree-browse by subject of all books on my account? 2. Kindle integration, email the book to my kindle address?

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