Rapid Application Development in Haskell

By Justin Bailey
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About this book

Today’s business applications require rapid turnaround, bug-free releases, and sophisticated functionality. In the more than 20 years since Haskell’s creation, its compilers, runtimes, frameworks, libraries, and community have grown and matured into a system that already supports many production-ready , high-quality applications. Haskell’s functional programming model, advanced type system and sophisticated abstractions have already found their way into many mainstream languages such as C#, Java and C++. Haskell enables you to create the powerful abstractions and reusable, reliable components necessary to make your solutions the best in their class.

This practical guide shows you how to use the powerful tools available in the Haskell ecosystem to build applications faster, with less waste and more features. This book takes you beyond the basics and teaches you how to maximize your productivity with the language. You will see how to customize your development environment by writing your own macros for GHCi; learn to recognize when and why you should be using sophisticated abstractions such as applicative functors and monads; how to best use QuickCheck and other testing frameworks unique to Haskell; and how to apply all these tools to building applications for your phone, desktop, server, or browser.

Publication date:
March 2014

About the Author

  • Justin Bailey

    Justin Bailey wrote his first computer programs in BASIC on the family TRS-80. He eventually turned that into a career as a professional software developer, and continues to learn new languages and technologies. His open source contributions include libraries and applications written in Ruby, Haskell, Objective-C, JavaScript, and more. He authored The Haskell Cheatsheet, downloaded thousands of times and translated into multiple languages.

    Justin currently works at Urban Airship, based in Portland, Oregon, where he does his best to spread the good news about Haskell (and sneak functional programming into Java applications whenever possible). He lives with his wife, Erin, and their daughter, Ann, and bikes to work whenever time and weather permit him to.

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Rapid Application Development in Haskell
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