QlikView Scripting

4.4 (5 reviews total)
By Matt Floyd
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  1. Connecting to ODBC/OLE DB Data Sources

About this book

QlikView is a powerful business intelligence and data discovery platform that allows people to quickly develop relevant data visualization applications for business users. The relative ease of QlikView development—including backend scripting—allows applications to be developed rapidly, and allows for more collaboration in application development for business users.

A comprehensive guide that offers QlikView developers a rich discussion of scripting topics, from basic to advanced concepts, features, and functions in a compact mini-book format. This book allows developers to quickly gain confidence in understanding and expanding their QlikView scripting knowledge, and serves as a springboard for even more advanced topics in QlikView scripting.

The book starts off by covering basic topics such as connecting to data sources, scripting, dealing with load statements, data transformations, and the concepts of the basic data model. It then dives into advanced concepts such as advanced scripting and data model optimization, the creation and use of QlikView datafiles, debugging, and essential functions and features. It also provides layout tips for developers. Qlikview Scripting is a great overview and reference guide for beginner to intermediate Qlikview developers.

Publication date:
November 2013

About the Author

  • Matt Floyd

    Matt Floyd has worked in the software industry since 2000 and has held career roles from project management to technical writing and business intelligence analysis. His career has spanned many industries, including environment, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and insurance.

    Matt's hands-on experience with Tableau started in 2008 after evaluating alternatives to reporting and analytical software used by his clients. Since then, he has been a technical writer, implementation engineer, consultant, developer, and analyst in BI projects. His passion for Tableau stems from his fascination of discovery through data and the art, science, and power of data visualization. He is currently interested in text mining and the combination of that data with powerful visualizations that tell fascinating stories. He and his family live in metro Atlanta, and when not stuck in traffic, he sometimes offers musings on his blog covering various visualization topics at http://floydmatt.com/.

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Latest Reviews

(5 reviews total)
It is clear that team has taken efforts before publishing this book. Clearly seen going thru pages. Well Done
I can not download the files, because I have a personal edition of QlikView.
I like your book, but I disappointed in Qlik prodcuts.
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