Python A-Z: Learn Python Programming by Building 6 Projects [Video]

By Shubham Sarda
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  1. Python In 2021

About this video

Welcome to Python Programming A-Z – Learn Python Programming by Building Six Projects, a course that takes you through your Python journey from beginner to advanced step by step. This course touches on every important concept of the latest version of Python—Python 3.

Throughout the course, we will explore the most essential Python features such as the basics of Python programming; Python operators; Python conditionals and if statements; methods; object-oriented programming; encapsulation, inheritance, and abstract classes; Python data structures; conditionals; loops; the mutability and immutability of Python’s basic types; built-in and user-defined modules; errors and exception handling; custom exceptions; data analysis with Pandas; face recognition with OpenCV; building a GUI application with Tkinter; an automated Twitter bot with Tweepy; understanding the basics of databases and working with SQLite 3; and more!

After completing this course, you will be ready to work as an intern, fresher, or freelancer, and you will also be able to implement everything yourself! Most importantly, you will be ready to use the huge scope offered by Python programming.

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at

Publication date:
October 2019
12 hours 50 minutes

About the Author

  • Shubham Sarda

    Shubham Sarda is a software developer and digital marketer with a passion for teaching. He's worked with many start-ups, projects, and as a freelancer in various marketplaces. He's currently among the Top 700 freelancers with over 2500+ projects completed on Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Freelance, and more. He has taught programming and marketing to over 1000 students online and offline as an instructor. Shubham has mastered explaining very complex topics in the simplest manner that is easy to understand and follow.

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Python A-Z: Learn Python Programming by Building 6 Projects [Video]
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