Python 3 For Offensive PenTest: A Complete Practical Course [Video]

By Hussam Khrais
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About this video

Assume your target is running unpatched Windows XP, Anti-Virus is disabled, the firewall is turned off, IPS is not in place then you may (or not) get into a system! Does that sound like a real-world penetration test for you?

If you have ever attended an ethical hacking course that teaches you how to use some tools and how to click on some buttons, then you probably already know that being an advanced hacker needs more knowledge than clicking a few buttons as most of these tools will fail in a real-world scenario.

Whether you get bored from theory and basic courses which repeat the same tools and techniques over and over again and fail to teach you how to hack into even insecure systems, or you want to push your skills from beginner to the next level, then you have come to the right place!

There are quite a lot of people who call themselves hackers but, few have the solid skills to fit the definition, when other's tools fail, writing your own makes you a true hacker.

All the code files are placed at

Publication date:
October 2019
4 hours 49 minutes

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