Professional Node.js

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By Glenn Dayton , James Murphy , Luciano Mammino and 1 more
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About this video

Through Professional Node.js, you will be presented with various sets of patterns that you can use to efficiently solve your everyday development and design problems. You will understand what different traditional design patterns look like in Node.js, and how to design modules that focus on performing a single task at a time. You will gain an understanding of the basic building blocks and principles of writing large and well-organized Node.js applications. You will be able to apply these principles to problems that don't fall within the scope of existing patterns.

Publication date:
October 2018
4 hours 31 minutes

About the Authors

  • Glenn Dayton

    Glenn Dayton has been a full stack developer for several years now with a strong passion for teaching spanning an even longer amount of time. He works at NASA JPL as a Backend Developer helping build tools that modernize the way spacecraft are tested.

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  • James Murphy

    James Murphy is a software consultant and entrepreneur. His passions include technology, self-improvement, and psychology. He graduated from the computer science department of the University of Manchester. He's worked for a number of the UK's top tech companies, ranging from the Hut Group and Auto Trader to the BBC and Having previously been a lead engineer at, James decided to delve further into entrepreneurship and contracting. His first experience with Node.js was working on the second generation of BBC Live, which was built entirely using Node.js and microservices on the AWS platform. He has a blog at and is also a contributing author and member of the Simple Programmer community. He is the author of Node.js Design Patterns, Second Edition, by Packt.

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  • Luciano Mammino

    Luciano Mammino is a software engineer born in 1987, the same year that the Nintendo released Super Mario Bros in Europe, which by chance is his favorite video-game. He started coding at the age of 12 using his father's old Intel 386, provided only with the DOS operating system and the qBasic interpreter.

    After a master's degree in computer science he developed his programming skills mostly as a web developer working mainly as freelancer for companies and startups all around Italy. After a start-up parenthesis of 3 years as CTO and co-founder of in Italy and in Ireland, he decided to relocate in Dublin to work as senior PHP engineer at Smartbox.

    He loves developing open source libraries and working with frameworks such as Symfony and Express. He is convinced that the JavaScript fame is still at the very beginning and that this technology will have a huge impact in the future of most of the web-and mobile-related technologies. For this reason, he spends most of his free time improving his knowledge of JavaScript and playing with Node.js.

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  • Mario Casciaro

    Mario Casciaro is a software engineer and entrepreneur, passionate about technology, science and open source knowledge. Mario graduated with a master's degree in software engineering and started his professional career at IBM where he worked for several years on different enterprise products such as Tivoli Endpoint Manager, Cognos Insight, and SalesConnect. Next, he moved to D4H Technologies, a growing SaaS company, to lead the development of a new bleeding-edge product for managing emergency operations in real time. Currently, Mario is the co-founder and CEO of, a platform to help online projects raise funds through corporate sponsorship.

    Mario is also the author of the first edition of Node.js Design Patterns.

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Professional Node.js
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