Professional Image Editing Made Easy with Affinity Photo

By Jeremy Hazel
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About this book

This book follows a practice based exploration of the Affinity Photo Program where you will learn the tools while making popular edits to your photo. The techniques and fundamentals are taught in conjunction with the WORKFLOW concept. Instead of a comprehensive description of the tools unlike other resources; in this book, you will learn the tools and approaches by doing them, and we also look at WHY they work, not simply how they work. This is neither a technical manual nor a workbook but a hybrid of project-based learning that leads to the application of tools and a deeper understanding of how to use each piece to achieve your goal.

You'll learn enough of the fundamentals, such as how to navigate the interface, understand the concept of layers, and make your first edit, before we gradually increase the complexity of various projects, from single layer edits, composites, and RAW development, until you've put together a complex composition using the tools you've learned along the way. Furthermore, you will learn the best practices used by expert photo editors allowing you to finish the job flawlessly.

By the end of this book, you will have a good body of work and will be able to evaluate edits you would like to make and feel confident in putting the pieces together to achieve whatever you want to accomplish with Affinity Photo.

Publication date:
February 2023

About the Author

  • Jeremy Hazel

    Jeremy started 7th season Studios in 2017 and has over 150,000 students in various programs such as Designer, Photo, and Procreate. He teaches on many popular platforms including Udemy, Skillshare and his own platform where he is in the top ranked courses with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

    In addition to teaching Jeremy is a T shirt designer and printer and also works as a brand consultant for creative based businesses. Jeremy has partnered with the absolute best of the best in the field to bring his courses and education style to the masses including Video School Online and Lindsay Marsh Design and recently his YouTube channel has been featured in Affinity Spotlight.

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Professional Image Editing Made Easy with Affinity Photo
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