Prezi Cookbook

By Charlotte Olsson , Christina Hoyer
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  1. 1. Administer Your Account and Your Prezi

About this book

Prezi is the presentation tool of the future. Its amazing canvas lets you easily create presentations that have high impact.

This book will take you from inserting and editing images to making your presentations come to life. It will teach you how to make use of features like animation, frames, paths, zoom and turn, and much more. The book will then move on to cover how to enhance your project, reusing PowerPoint, and adding sounds and video effects to Prezi. You will go on to cover Prezi on different devices, such as smartphones and iPad. Finally, making it easy for you to use Prezi's state-of-the-art tools, you will be ready to stand strong as a presenter using Prezi.

Publication date:
April 2015


Prezi offers different accounts for different users. In the following screenshot, you will find a description of them all, starting with the simplest setup:

Choosing the right Prezi account

You will find this Prezi account overview at


Clicking on Your prezis opens the account overview window for your prezi files. All your prezis are listed here as thumbnails.

From here, you can either go directly into editing mode or you can access file handling features for a prezi.

Hovering over a prezi's thumbnail gives you access to the icons that you can use to edit or share your prezi. Hovering over a thumbnail produces the Edit, Share, Folder, and Delete icons. The trash icon to the right can be used to delete the prezi as shown in the following screenshot:

How to do it…

To access the full range of file handling features for a prezi, begin by clicking on its thumbnail in the account overview window. This opens the prezi-handling window for that prezi. Here you see your prezi in a small window, as shown in the following screenshot:

How to do it…

At the bottom of the prezi-handling window, you'll find forward and backward arrows that you can click to navigate through the prezi. For faster navigation, use the blue slider tool (visible after hovering over the black navigation bar at the bottom of the window).

Below the prezi-handling window is a toolbar with various options to handle your prezi. The options are as follows:

  • Use Edit to access editing mode for your prezi
  • Use Present remotely to start a remote presentation (please refer to Chapter 12, Presenting with Prezi, to learn about presenting)
  • Use the Download button to download your prezi (please refer to Chapter 15, Sharing and Collaborating, to learn more about the download of prezis)
  • Use the Save a copy option to create a copy of your Prezi (this copy will be immediately accessible in your account overview window)
  • The Share option allows you to share a prezi in different ways (please refer to Chapter 15, Sharing and Collaborating, to learn about sharing)
  • Use the Embed button to create a small piece of code to use for embedding the prezi on your website (please refer to Chapter 15, Sharing and Collaborating, to learn more about embedding)

The Public & reusable button shows the current privacy choice for your prezi. (Please refer to the Privacy settings section of this chapter to read more about this.)

The trash icon to the very right can be used to delete this prezi.


About the Authors

  • Charlotte Olsson

    Charlotte Olsson is a certified Prezi expert. She has studied adult pedagogy and psychology. She has worked with Prezi since 2011 and has over 12 years of experience as a software trainer.

    In 2012, Charlotte cofounded Imprezzing, which specializes in Prezi solutions.

    Charlotte is a gifted communicator. She loves Prezi because it helps companies and individuals share their stories. Since 2011, she has been providing Prezi training and Prezi designs to a wide range of companies worldwide. Her expertise and solutions are praised by all her clients.

    Charlotte is based in California, where she manages Imprezzing's operations in the U.S.

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  • Christina Hoyer

    Christina Hoyer is a cofounding partner of Imprezzing and has worked with Prezi since 2010. She is the owner and manager of Imprezzing Scandinavia. Based in Copenhagen, she provides training, design, and complete Prezi implementations for companies and organizations throughout Scandinavia (in Danish and English).

    Christina is a certified Prezi expert and is active within the international community of Prezi experts. She has a master's degree in arts and business management, and is experienced in strategic communication and presentations mentoring. Since 2004, she has been the CEO of her own company.

    Christina is a sought-after keynote speaker and has authored a Danish book about presentation skills, named Tag ordet I din magt - en værktøjskasse for talere.

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Prezi Cookbook
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