Practical Model-Driven Enterprise Architecture

By Mudar Bahri
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About this book

Most organizations face challenges in defining and achieving evolved enterprise architecture practices which can be a very lengthy process even if implemented correctly. Developers, for example, will only be able to build better solutions if they receive detailed design documents from the enterprise architects.

The book starts by addressing the problems faced by enterprise architecture practitioners and provides solutions based on an agile approach to enterprise architecture, using ArchiMate 3.1 as an industry standard and Sparx EA as the modeling tool. You'll learn with the help of a fictional organization that has three business units, each expecting something different from you as the enterprise architect. You'll build the practice, satisfy the different requirements of each business unit, and share the knowledge with others so they can follow your steps. Toward the end, you'll learn how to put the diagrams and the content that you have developed into documents, presentations, and web pages that can be shared with other stakeholders.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to build a functional enterprise architecture practice that supports every part of your organization. You'll also have developed the necessary skills to populate your enterprise architecture repository with references and artifacts.

Publication date:
April 2022

About the Author

  • Mudar Bahri

    Mudar Bahri is an Enterprise Architect with a long progressive experience in implementing TOGAF in large and midsized organizations. He is an independent enterprise architecture mentor and consultant and helps architects to build and develop practical EA skills that can provide the decision-makers with useful artifacts. The author is a certified TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architect with experience in other EA frameworks and project management methodologies. He has used TOGAF for developing digital transformation strategies, cloud migration plans, solution architectures, and proposals. He believes that enterprise architecture is meant to bridge gaps not to create new ones, so it has to be simple, practical, and serve everyone.

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Practical Model-Driven Enterprise Architecture
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