Practical Memory Forensics

By Svetlana Ostrovskaya , Oleg Skulkin
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    Chapter 1: Why Memory Forensics?
About this book
Memory Forensics is a powerful analysis technique that can be used in different areas, from incident response to malware analysis. With memory forensics, you can not only gain key insights into the user's context but also look for unique traces of malware, in some cases, to piece together the puzzle of a sophisticated targeted attack. Starting with an introduction to memory forensics, this book will gradually take you through more modern concepts of hunting and investigating advanced malware using free tools and memory analysis frameworks. This book takes a practical approach and uses memory images from real incidents to help you gain a better understanding of the subject and develop the skills required to investigate and respond to malware-related incidents and complex targeted attacks. You'll cover Windows, Linux, and macOS internals and explore techniques and tools to detect, investigate, and hunt threats using memory forensics. Equipped with this knowledge, you'll be able to create and analyze memory dumps on your own, examine user activity, detect traces of fileless and memory-based malware, and reconstruct the actions taken by threat actors. By the end of this book, you'll be well-versed in memory forensics and have gained hands-on experience of using various tools associated with it.
Publication date:
March 2022


Section 1: Basics of Memory Forensics

This section will not only inform you of the benefits of memory forensics but will also introduce you to the basic concepts of volatile memory and the process of its acquisition and analysis so that you have a general understanding of the topic.

This section of the book comprises the following chapters:

About the Authors
  • Svetlana Ostrovskaya

    Svetlana Ostrovskaya is a Principal DFIR Consultant at Group-IB, one of the global leaders in preventing and investigating high-tech crimes and online fraud. Besides active involvement in incident response engagements, Svetlana has extensive training experience in various regions, including Russia, CIS, MEA, Europe, APAC. She has co-authored articles on information security and computer forensics, as well as a number of training programs, including Windows Memory Forensics, Linux Forensics, Advanced Windows Forensic Investigations, and Windows Incident Response and Threat Hunting.

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  • Oleg Skulkin

    Oleg Skulkin is the Head of Digital Forensics and Malware Analysis Laboratory at Group-IB. Oleg has worked in the fields of digital forensics, incident response, and cyber threat intelligence and research for over a decade, fueling his passion for uncovering new techniques used by hidden adversaries. Oleg has authored and co-authored multiple blog posts, papers, and books on related topics and holds GCFA and GCTI certifications.

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Practical Memory Forensics
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