Practical Information Security

By Joseph MacMillan
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About this book

With IT adoption happening more rapidly than ever comes a significant risk of maintaining confidentiality and protecting sensitive data. This practical book will guide you through securing your systems and networks when it comes to ever-changing cyber threats and cyber risks.

You’ll start with a short introduction to information security and then progress to learning how to deliver a robust environment. The book then gets you up to speed with multifactor authentication, incident response, cryptography, firewalls, and security laws and policies. Later, you'll explore common threats and mitigation techniques and how to successfully detect breaches and vulnerable areas in your environment. Finally, you'll discover monitoring tools and techniques along with how to efficiently manage incident response.

By the end of this security book, you'll have the skills you need to overcome a variety of security breaches, system compromises, and common cyber threats.

Publication date:
April 2021

About the Author

  • Joseph MacMillan

    Joseph MacMillan is a CISSP, CCSP, CISA, CSSLP, a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v9), AlienVault Certified Engineer, and an ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor. He is currently working with Microsoft as a Cybersecurity Global Black Belt for Advanced Compliance solutions.

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