Practical Hardware Pentesting

By Jean-Georges Valle
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About this book

Hardware pentesting involves leveraging hardware interfaces and communication channels to find vulnerabilities in a device. Practical Hardware Pentesting will help you to plan attacks, hack your embedded devices, and secure the hardware infrastructure.

Throughout the book, you will see how a specific device works, explore the functional and security aspects, and learn how a system senses and communicates with the outside world. You will start by setting up your lab from scratch and then gradually work with an advanced hardware lab. The book will help you get to grips with the global architecture of an embedded system and sniff on-board traffic. You will also learn how to identify and formalize threats to the embedded system and understand its relationship with its ecosystem. Later, you will discover how to analyze your hardware and locate its possible system vulnerabilities before going on to explore firmware dumping, analysis, and exploitation. Finally, focusing on the reverse engineering process from an attacker point of view will allow you to understand how devices are attacked, how they are compromised, and how you can harden a device against the most common hardware attack vectors.

By the end of this book, you will be well-versed with security best practices and understand how they can be implemented to secure your hardware.

Publication date:
April 2021

About the Author

  • Jean-Georges Valle

    Jean-Georges Valle is a hardware penetration tester based in Belgium. His background was in software security, with hardware being a hobby, and he then started to look into the security aspects of hardware. He has spent the last decade testing various systems, from industrial logic controllers to city-scale IoT, and from media distribution to power metering. He has learned to attack embedded systems and to leverage them against cloudscale infrastructure. He is the lead hardware technical expert in an offensive security team of a big four company. Jean-Georges holds a master's degree in information security and focuses on security at the point of intersection with hardware and software, hardware and software interaction, exploit development in embedded systems, and open source hardware.

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