PostgreSQL Developer's Guide

4.6 (5 reviews total)
By Ibrar Ahmed , Asif Fayyaz , Amjad Shahzad
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  1. Getting Started with PostgreSQL

About this book

PostgreSQL is an enterprise-level database that competes among proprietary database vendors, owing to its remarkable feature set and reliability without the expensive licensing overhead.

This book is a comprehensive and pragmatic guide to developing databases in PostgreSQL. Beginning with a refresher of basic SQL skills, you will gradually be exposed to advanced concepts, such as learning how to program in native PostgreSQL procedural languages, implementing triggers, custom functions, and views. You will learn database optimization techniques such as query optimization and indexing while exploring extensive code examples. Lastly, you will explore foreign data wrappers, implementing extensibility, and improving maintainability.

Publication date:
February 2015

About the Authors

  • Ibrar Ahmed

    Ibrar Ahmed is a senior database architect in an Enterprise PostgreSQL company. He started his development career in 1999. He has contributed to the PostgreSQL community, the company's PostgreSQL fork, and other open source communities such as Google Chrome. He also has experience in MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB and Hadoop (Hive, Hbase, Spark). He is a major contributor in integrating other databases with PostgreSQL. He also authored PostgreSQL Developer's Guide. He has a master's in computer science (1999) and MS in computer engineering (2015), and is finalizing his PhD.

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  • Asif Fayyaz

    Asif Fayyaz is an open source technology lover and practitioner. He is currently working as a senior software quality assurance engineer at a leading PostgreSQL based company. He has been learning and using PostgreSQL for the last 7 years. His areas of interest are exploring PostgreSQL replication solutions and software test automation solutions for desktop, web, and mobile applications. His future endeavors include joining a sports channel for set-top box automation in Python.

    Apart from his professional activities, he, along with his dedicated friends, is keen to find ways that can make life easier for those who are facing the worst living conditions.

    His other passions include, but are not limited to, traveling to different places, trying different cuisines, and reading books if somehow permitted by his loving family.

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  • Amjad Shahzad

    Amjad Shahzad has been working in the open source software industry for the last 10 years. He is currently working as a senior quality assurance engineer at a leading PostgreSQL-based company, which is the only worldwide provider of enterprise-class products and services based on PostgreSQL. Amjad's core expertise lies in the areas of pg_upgrade, slony and streaming replication, Cloud database, and database partitioning. His future endeavors include exploring PostgreSQL replication solutions.

    Apart from his professional activities, he is also involved in doing social activities that involve helping people stand on their feet. In his free time, he likes to explore nature by doing outdoor activities, including hiking, trekking, and nature photography.

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Latest Reviews

(5 reviews total)
Goed handvat voor het verdere werk
A fine book, nicely structured. Although I would say there are features that aren't well described, like constraint triggers.
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