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This course is for both beginners and seasoned developers who want to learn how to build responsive websites and user interfaces with modern HTML5 and CSS3+ technologies such as PHP.
Enrolling in this course will make you a candidate for PHP Specialist status. As a PHP Specialist, you will be uniquely qualified to help companies, brands, and development firms create high-quality website code. Your knowledge will be critical to teams that develop websites with PHP as you help them create high-quality, highly maintainable code.

I. You'll learn more quickly from our videos
II. You'll get a second exposure to all the information presented in a video from the Framework Course Guide
III. You'll gain experience with confidence-building activities

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Style and Approach

This course is designed in such a way that each section covers a new scenario and adopts a step-by-step approach to help you learn and understand the relevant concept.

Publication date:
April 2019
2 hours 39 minutes

About the Authors

  • Julio Quevedo

    He studied computer science and engineering at Norwalk Community College and the University of Connecticut. He is a certified web developer and graduated from the A100 Professional Developers Program. He has worked on both small and medium-sized projects, including one for a national franchise. He is an avid reader, focusing on math and history. In his spare time, He enjoys most is teaching - whether coaching kid's soccer or teaching web development.

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  • Mark Lassoff

    Over 1,000,000 people have learned digital coding and design from Mark Lassoff. Mark and his company, Framework Television, have taught people web and mobile development online, in the corporate classroom and in secondary schools across the country. Framework Television produces a post-cable television network that focuses on digital skills such as web and mobile development. The company also produces online video courses on technology for those who want a more formalized learning experience. Prior to founding Framework, Mark started several companies in the Austin, Texas area and continues to promote entrepreneurship and computer science. He is an in-demand speaker and has traveled the world to teach programming techniques and technologies. Mark has authored eight courses on programming. He was named to the 40 under 40 in both Austin, Texas and Hartford, CT. In 2017, Mark was awarded the prestigious eLearning Guildmaster Award. Mark, and Framework Television, are based in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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