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Penetration testing is not only about networks but also web applications.

Begin your journey by familiarizing yourself with the well-known tools to perform vulnerability assessment. Take a deep dive into understanding Metasploit Framework and learn how to maintain access on the target machine, when successfully exploited. Documentation is always essential and so is creating an effective report for submission to the customer. You will learn what to include in reports.

Finally, you will be all set to perform penetration testing in a real-time scenario, and will try to crack a challenge, summing up everything you have learnt so far and apply it in real-time.

Style and Approach

This course is a step by step guide to Pentesting web applications in real-time scenarios

Publication date:
November 2017
1 hour 46 minutes

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  • Tajinder Kalsi

    Tajinder Kalsi is an innovative professional with more than 9 years' progressive experience within the information security industry. He has a good amount of knowledge and experience in web application testing, vulnerability assessment, network penetration testing, and risk assessment. At present, he is working as an information security consultant. He started his career with Wipro as a technical associate, and later on he became an ISMS consultant-cum-technical evangelist. In his free time, he conducts seminars in colleges all across India on various topics, in more than 125 colleges; he has spoken to 10,000+ students. Tajinder is a certified ISO 27001:2013 Auditor. Tajinder authored Practical Linux Security Cookbook published by Packt Publishing. He has also reviewed the following books: Web Application Penetration Testing with Kali Linux and Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing. He has also authored three video courses with Packt: Getting Started with Pentensing, Finding and Exploiting Hidden Vulnerabilities, and Pentesting Web Applications. He is best described as dedicated, devoted, and determined and a person who strongly believes in making his dreams come true. He defines himself as a tireless worker, who loves to laugh and make others laugh. He is also very friendly and level-headed. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tajinderkalsi/.

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Actually terrible. I wish I could give this review 0 stars. Hard to understand. Information was glazed over and not very specific. More of a glorified walk-through. If I were a beginner in the topic I would have felt completely lost. So thankful I didn't pay full price for the 2 videos I bought since they weren't even worth the $5 I spent on each.
Pentesting Web Applications [Video]
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