Pentesting Industrial Control Systems

By Paul Smith
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About this book

The industrial cybersecurity industry has grown significantly in recent years. To truly secure today's critical infrastructure, red teams must be employed to continuously test and exploit the security integrity of a company's people, processes, and products. This pentesting book takes a slightly different approach than most by helping you to gain hands-on experience with equipment that you’ll come across in the field. This will enable you to understand how industrial equipment interacts and operates within an operational environment.

The book begins by helping you get to grips with the basics of industrial processes, and then shows you how to create and break the process, along with gathering open source intel to create a threat landscape for your potential customer. As you advance, you'll find out how to install and utilize offensive techniques used by professional hackers. Throughout the book, you'll explore industrial equipment, open source intel gathering, port and service discovery, pivoting, and finally launch attacks against systems in an industrial network.

By the end of this penetration testing book, you'll not only understand how to analyze and navigate the intricacies of an industrial control system (ICS) but will also gain essential offensive and defensive skills to proactively protect industrial networks from modern cyber attacks.

Publication date:
October 2021

About the Author

  • Paul Smith

    Paul Smith has spent close to 20 years in the Automation Control space, tackling the “red herring” problems that were thrown his way. Unique issues such as measurement imbalances resulting from flare sensor saturation, database migration mishaps, eeprom production line failures and many more. This ultimately lead to the later part of his career where he has been spending most of his time in the Industrial Cybersecurity space pioneering the use of new security technology in the energy, utility, and critical infrastructure sectors, and helping develop cyber security strategies through the use of red team/pentest engagements, cybersecurity risk assessments, and tabletop exercises for some of the world’s largest government contractors, industrial organizations, and municipalities.

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