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In this course, we dive into various aspects of the parsing theory, describing in detail the LL and LR parsers. However, at the same time, to make the learning process and understanding easy and fun, we build in parallel an automatic parser for a full programming language, similar to JavaScript or Python, from scratch.

After this course, not only will you be able to use a parser generator to build parsers for programming languages but will also understand how the parser generators work under the hood themselves.

Implementing a parser for a programming language would also make your practical usage of other programming languages more professional.

As we will build a language similar in semantics to JavaScript or Python (the two most popular programming languages today), we will specifically use JavaScript and its elegant multi-paradigm structure, which combines functional programming and class-based and prototype-based OOP.

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March 2021
4 hours 11 minutes

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  • Dmitry Soshnikov

    Dmitry Soshnikov is a software engineer and a lecturer on different computer science topics. He is passionate about education and focuses on high-quality educational content: concise and straight-to-the-point animated lectures with live-editing notes.

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