Oracle Autonomous Database in Enterprise Architecture

By Bal Mukund Sharma , Krishnakumar Mohanram , Rashmi Panda
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About this book

Oracle Autonomous Database is built on the world’s fastest Oracle Database Platform Exadata and is delivered on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, customer data center (ExaCC), and Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud. This book is a fast-paced, hands-on introduction to the most important aspects of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Autonomous Databases.

You'll learn concepts required for designing disaster recovery using standby database deployment for Autonomous databases. As you progress, you'll understand how you can take advantage of automatic backup and restore. Toward the concluding chapters, you'll get up to speed with the concepts required for managing Autonomous databases, along with the features of Autonomous Database security such as Data Safe and customer-managed keys for Vaults.

By the end of this Oracle book, you will be able to build and deploy an Autonomous database in OCI, migrate databases to ADB, comfortably set up additional high-availability features such as Autonomous Data Guard, and understand end-to-end operations with ADBs.

Publication date:
November 2022

About the Authors

  • Bal Mukund Sharma

    Bal is a technology specialist with expertise in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Databases, & Engineered system. He has experience across various industries like Telecom, Healthcare, Financial Services and Insurance. Bal is currently working as Cloud Practice Manager with Oracle and have played various roles like Product Manager, Technical Delivery Manager, lead DBA, Content Architect, Software Engineer, QA Engineer in his previous roles. He holds several IT certifications across Oracle cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and databases. In his recent role he has been helping customers with implementation of OCI -Infrastructure, Networking & Security along with Oracle database technologies like High Availability, Engineered Systems and Autonomous Databases.

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  • Krishnakumar Mohanram

    K M Krishna Kumar is a database administrator with 14 years of experience with Oracle Database (8i to 12c). He started his career in 2004 as an Oracle database administrator and has been working with Oracle Corporation for the last eight plus years. He has expertise in Oracle Database installation, patching, upgrades, migration, backup and recovery and high availability. He is also proficient in Oracle public, private and Hybrid cloud environments. He has performed many real-time production database installations, upgrades, and migrations and has delivered sessions on database upgrades through various channels. He is certified in Oracle 12c administration and has been a speaker in Oracle Open World, AIOUG and Sangam

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  • Rashmi Panda

    Rashmi has been a database enthusiast with a keen interest in oracle database technologies. He has spent over 16 years in different roles, as a developer, database administrator and consulting role. Besides databases, he has garnered an excellent experience around the data integration arena, conducting PoC demos to meet the extensive and complex data integration needs of customers. He has been successful in building customer solutions in designated platforms that adhere to the customer data security requirement complying to the country's GDPR requirements. His profiles reflect most of the certifications he has been able to complete in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure around different service offerings.

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Oracle Autonomous Database in Enterprise Architecture
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