Okta Administration: Up and Running

By Lovisa Stenbäcken Stjernlöf , HenkJan de Vries
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  1. Section 1: Getting Started with Okta

About this book

IAM, short for identity and access management, is a set of policies and technologies for ensuring the security of an organization through careful role and access assignment for users and devices. With this book, you’ll get up and running with Okta, an identity and access management (IAM) service that you can use for both employees and customers.

Once you’ve understood how Okta can be used as an IAM platform, you’ll learn about the Universal Directory, which covers how to integrate other directories and applications and set up groups and policies. As you make progress, the book explores Okta’s single sign-on (SSO) feature and multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions. Finally, you will delve into API access management and discover how you can leverage Advanced Server Access for your cloud servers and Okta Access Gateway for your on-premises applications.

By the end of this Okta book, you’ll have learned how to implement Okta to enhance your organization's security and be able to use this book as a reference guide for the Okta certification exam.

Publication date:
December 2020


Section 1: Getting Started with Okta

In this section, you will learn what IAM and Okta are, and why they're important. You will also learn everything you need to know about Okta's basic features: Universal Directory (UD), Single Sign-On (SSO), Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA), and Life Cycle Management (LCM).

This part of the book comprises the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, IAM and Okta
  • Chapter 2, Working with Universal Directory
  • Chapter 3, Single Sign-On for a Great End User Experience
  • Chapter 4, Increasing Security with Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Chapter 5, Automating Using Life cycle Management
  • Chapter 6, Customizing Your Okta GUI

About the Authors

  • Lovisa Stenbäcken Stjernlöf

    Lovisa has been with Devoteam for over 4 years, working with multiple cloud vendors during that period. Starting out as a Project Manager, gaining certifications within G Suite and Salesforce, it was a natural step to start helping customers with their complete cloud setup, including Okta. Apart from customer work, she also has experience with management, both in resources and budget. With several Okta implementations under her belt and an Okta Professional certification in the bag, she now heads the Okta practice within Devoteam.

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  • HenkJan de Vries

    HenkJan has extensive experience with Okta, being an Okta partner engineer for over 5 years. With a long history of both implementing and supporting many Okta customers, he understands what long term requirements look like, but also the day to day management within organizations. Currently, he is strategically supporting customers to reach all their Okta potential. HenkJan is a certified consultant and

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Okta Administration: Up and Running
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