Node.js Complete Reference Guide

4.2 (6 reviews total)
By Valentin Bojinov , David Herron , Diogo Resende
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  1. About Node.js

About this book

Node.js Complete Reference Guide takes you through rudimentary knowledge of JavaScript and server-side development to create, maintain, deploy, and test your own Node.js applications. 

You will begin by learning how to use the HTTP Server and Client objects, store data with both SQL and MongoDB databases, and unit test applications with Mocha 5.x, and functionally test them with Puppeteer 1.1.x. Then, you will learn to create scalable and rich RESTful applications on the Node.js platform and write a simple HTTP request handler with self-descriptive URLs. You will learn to set accurate HTTP status codes, study how to keep your applications backward-compatible and explore some authentication techniques to secure your application. Then, you will study how Node.js has emerged as a strong candidate for developing microservices.

With this Learning Path, you will be able to use the best practices and create efficient microservices.

This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products:

  • RESTful Web API Design with Node.js 10, Third Edition by Valentin Bojinov 
  • Node.js Web Development, Fourth Edition by David Herron 
  • Hands-On Microservices with Node.js by Diogo Resende
Publication date:
December 2018

About the Authors

  • Valentin Bojinov

    Valentin Bojinov studied computer science at the Technological School of Electronic Systems in Sofia, Bulgaria, a college within the Technical University of Sofia. He holds a B.Sc. in telecommunication and information engineering. Valentin is an expert in Java, SOAP, RESTful web services, and B2B integration. He specializes B2B Integration and Service Oriented Architecture and currently works as an Senior Integration Consultant in an UK consultancy company Estafet Limited.

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  • David Herron

    David Herron is a software engineer living in Silicon Valley who has worked on projects ranging from an X.400 email server to being part of the team that launched the OpenJDK project, to Yahoo's Node.js application-hosting platform, and a solar array performance monitoring service. That took David through several companies until he grew tired of communicating primarily with machines, and developed a longing for human communication. Today, David is an independent writer of books and blog posts covering topics related to technology, programming, electric vehicles, and clean energy technologies.

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  • Diogo Resende

    Diogo Resende is a developer with more than 15 years of experience, working with Node.js almost from the beginning. His computer education and experience in many industries and telecommunication projects have given him a wider background knowledge of other architecture components that influence the overall performance.

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Latest Reviews

(6 reviews total)
Good reference to go along with the video course
Great reference book for Node.js, that covers all the needing to master this framework.
Complete reference, good quality piece.

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