NLP-Natural Language Processing in Python for Beginners [Video]

By AI Sciences
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  1. Introduction

About this video

Natural Language Processing (NLP), a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the ability of a computer to understand human language the way it’s spoken and written. Human language is typically referred to as natural language.

Humans also have different sensors. For instance, ears perform the function of hearing and eyes perform the function of seeing. Similarly, computers have programs for reading and microphones for collecting audio. Just as the human brain processes an input, a computer program processes a specific input. And during processing, the program converts the input to code that the computer understands.

This course, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Theory and Practice in Python, introduces you to the concepts, tools, and techniques of machine learning for text data. You will learn the elementary concepts as well as emerging trends in the field of NLP. You will also learn about the implementation and evaluation of different NLP applications using deep learning methods.

Code bundles are available here:

Publication date:
August 2021
23 hours 31 minutes

About the Author

  • AI Sciences

    AI Sciences are a group of experts, PhDs, and practitioners of artificial intelligence, computer science, machine learning, and statistics, some of whom work in big companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, KPMG, BCG, and IBM. They have produced a series of courses and books mainly dedicated to beginners and newcomers on the techniques and methods of machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and data science. Initially, their objective was to help those wishing to understand these techniques more easily, so they are able to start without too much theory and reading. Today, they also publish more complete courses on some topics for a wider audience.

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NLP-Natural Language Processing in Python for Beginners [Video]
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