Moodle E-Learning Course Development - Fifth Edition

By Susan Smith Nash , William Rice
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About this book

The open-source software Moodle enables educational institutions and training providers to build and deliver high-quality, flexible courses. Educators, course administrators, and instructional designers will benefit from learning how to use Moodle’s capabilities and respond to increased demand for synchronous and asynchronous online courses.

This updated fifth edition combines principles of instructional design with practical instructions that align with current and evolving needs. It also provides important guidance for accreditation reviews. Designed with step-by-step explanations of essential concepts, practical examples, and useful guidance from the latest Moodle version, you'll learn how to determine the best way to set up the Moodle platform and then configure your courses to align with your overall goals and vision. You’ll also understand how to add and incorporate each type of component that you will need to deliver content, conduct assessments, and manage student records.

By the end of this book, you will be able to build and deploy your educational program, include a full array of course content, build in live web meetings such as Zoom, incorporate self-graded assessments, automatically record mastery levels, and even generate certificates.

Publication date:
July 2022

About the Authors

  • Susan Smith Nash

    Susan Nash has developed and administered online courses for more than twenty years and enjoys finding creative solutions to meet unique needs for new content, career training, and delivery options. She is particularly interested in developing courses that accommodate diverse students and ways of knowing and connecting. She earned her Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, and Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma.

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  • William Rice

    William Rice is an e-learning professional from New York City. He has written books on Moodle, Blackboard, Magento, and software training. He enjoys building e-learning solutions for businesses and gains professional satisfaction when his courses help students. His hobbies include writing books, practicing archery near JFK Airport, and playing with his children. He is fascinated by the relationship between technology and society, how we create our tools, and how they shape us in turn. Married to an incredible woman who encourages his writing pursuits, he has two amazing sons.

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Moodle E-Learning Course Development - Fifth Edition
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