Moodle 4 E-Learning Course Development - Fifth Edition

By Susan Smith Nash
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About this book

Moodle 4.0 maintains its flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use platform while adding impressive new features to enhance the user experience for student success.

This updated edition addresses the opportunities that come with a major update in Moodle 4.0. You'll learn how to determine the best way to use the Moodle platform’s new features and configure your courses to align with your overall goals, vision, and even accreditation review needs. You’ll discover how to plan an effective course with the best mix of resources and engaging assessments that really show what the learner has accomplished, and also keep them engaged and interested. This book will show you how to ensure that your students enjoy their collaborations and truly learn from each other. You'll get a handle on generating reports and monitoring exactly how the courses are going and what to do to get them back on track. While doing this, you can use Moodle 4.0’s new navigation features to help keep students from getting “lost.” Finally, you'll be able to incorporate functionality boosters and accommodate the changing needs and goals of our evolving world.

By the end of this Moodle book, you'll be able to build and deploy your educational program to align with learning objectives and include an entire array of course content.

Publication date:
June 2022


Part 1: Getting started

Welcome to Moodle! In this first part of the book, you'll learn about Moodle's philosophy of learning and the way to find and use the unique, open-source Moodle learning management system.

What makes this book unique is that it is much more than just a technical guide for using Moodle. It's a guide that builds in reliable instructional design principles at every step of the way so that you are designing not only courses but an entire learning plan that will help your students succeed and achieve learning objectives and institutional goals.

In addition, you'll be given great guidance as you create a course design plan, and you'll be encouraged to use a course map to make sure that the kinds of resources, assessments, and interactions are aligned with your course goals and that your students will actually learn what they need to learn. You'll also benefit from great suggestions and guidance for encouraging interaction and...

About the Author
  • Susan Smith Nash

    Susan Smith Nash has been developing and administering online courses for more than 20 years for both academic and professional training purposes. She earned her Bachelor's of Science, Masters of Art, and Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma. She has been widely published in the area of instructional design as well as in energy and economic development. Her books for Packt include Moodle E-Learning Course Development, Moodle 3.X Teaching Techniques, and Moodle Course Design Best Practices. Susan's interests include the development and promotion of new technologies and she enjoys studying films from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, as well as hiking and tennis. Susan lives in Oklahoma, near her son and his family.

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Moodle 4 E-Learning Course Development - Fifth Edition
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