Moodle 4 Administration - Fourth Edition

By Alex Büchner
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About this book

Moodle is the de facto standard for open-source learning platforms. However, setting up and managing a learning management system can be a complex task as it covers a wide range of technical, organizational, and pedagogical topics. This ranges from basic user and course management and configuring plugins and design elements, through to reporting, system settings, performance optimization, and so on.

This book concentrates on basic tasks such as setting up and configuring Moodle and performing day-to-day administration activities. Later, you’ll progress to more advanced topics that show you how to customize and extend this course management system (CMS), manage authentication and enrolments, and how to work with roles and capabilities. Next, you'll learn how to configure Moodle plugins and integrations and ensure your LMS conforms to pedagogical and technical requirements in your organization such as GDPR. Finally, you'll get to grips with compiling custom reports, creating different types of learning analytics, and integrating the LMS via web services including the mobile Moodle app.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to set up an efficient, fully-fledged, and secure Moodle system.

Publication date:
December 2022

About the Author

  • Alex Büchner

    Alex Büchner is the co-founder of the Premium Moodle and Platinum Totara partner, Synergy Learning. He has been implementing Moodle-based projects in the corporate, public, and third sectors for over two decades and has been configuring learning management systems of all shapes and sizes since their advent on the educational landscape.

    Alex holds a PhD in Computer Science and an MSc in Software Engineering. He has authored over 50 international publications, including five books, and is a frequent speaker on Moodle, Totara, and open-source technologies. He can be contacted on his website openumlaut

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Moodle 4 Administration - Fourth Edition
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