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Angular is one of the largest and most widely used frameworks for front-end and full-stack web development; the Angular community is very eager to get hands-on with its latest features. Design patterns allow for a structured and more intuitive way to build applications that are modular, highly scalable and fault-tolerant.

This course will serve as a practical and insightful journey through the most valuable design patterns in use, and provides clear guidance on how to use them effectively in Angular. You will explore the best ways to work with Angular and how to use it to achieve the stability and performance required in today's web development world. You'll get to know best practices to improve your productivity and your application's code base.

By the end, you’ll be capable using Angular 8 (and future versions) to build better applications that are scalable and high-performing.

Here is Github link to this video course: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Modern-Web-Design-Patterns-in-Angular-8

Publication date:
June 2019
2 hours 32 minutes

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Modern Web Design Patterns in Angular 8 [Video]
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