Mobile Development with ASP.NET Core 5 - Second Edition

By Can Bilgin
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About this book

The .NET 5 framework is a unified framework with capabilities that enable developers to use Microsoft’s developer ecosystem on a single platform. Xamarin, used for developing mobile applications, is one of the app model implementations for .NET Core infrastructure.

With this book, you'll learn how to design, architect, and develop attractive, maintainable, and robust mobile applications for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and UWP using Xamarin, .NET Core, and Azure. You’ll explore different phases of application development using Xamarin, from environment setup, design, and architecture through to publishing with the help of real-world scenarios. Throughout the book, you'll learn how to develop mobile apps using Xamarin and .NET Standard. You'll even be able to implement a web-based backend composed of microservices with .NET Core using various Azure services including, but not limited to Azure Active Directory, Azure Functions, and Cognitive Services. Later chapters will show you how to create data stores using popular database technologies such as Cosmos DB and data models such as the relational model and NoSQL.

By the end of this mobile development book, you will be able to create cross-platform mobile applications that can be deployed as cloud-based PaaS and SaaS.

Publication date:
March 2021

About the Author

  • Can Bilgin

    Can Bilgin currently works with Authority Partners Inc. as a Solution Architect. He has been working in the software industry, primarily with Microsoft technologies, for over a decade and has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for his technical contributions between 2014 and 2018. In this period, he took key roles in projects for high profile clients using technologies such as BizTalk, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Xamarin, WCF, Azure Serverless and other web/cloud technologies. He is passionate about mobile and IoT development using the modern tools available for developers. He shares his experience on his blog, social media and through speaking engagements in local and international community events.

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