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Microsoft Power BI is a suite of tools to analyze your data and extract business insights from it through building interactive dashboards. This video course is your guide to getting the most out of Power BI and will help you solve any problems you might come across while using it.This tutorial contains practical recipes on the various tasks that you can do with Microsoft Power BI—from gathering your data to analyzing it.

You will start with the basic installation and configuration of Power BI Desktop, and go on to connect your data sources with it. You’ll transform and get your data ready for analysis, and create effective data views using it. Then, you will see how you can create stunning reports and dashboards in Power BI.

Finally, the course also contains some handy recipes on troubleshooting various issues in Power BI. We’ll ensure that you have the tricks of the trade in mastering Power BI to get effective visual analytics.

Style and Approach

This course is a comprehensive tutorial that covers a wide range of information on Business Intelligence and gives you actionable business insights using Power BI.

Publication date:
May 2017
2 hours 57 minutes

About the Author

  • Drew Mery

    Drew Mery is a Data Analyst with hands-on experience in Excel, SQL, and of course Power BI. He loves delivering actionable insight via analytical procedures and data visualization and teaching others to do the same. His passion is driven by the ability to take something raw and unintelligible to the naked eye (raw data) and morph it into something beautiful and insightful that tells a story and helps improve business operations.

    That’s where the power of Microsoft Power BI comes into play. Drew has developed numerous reports and dashboards on energy, project management, manufacturing, and sales data both in a full-time/perm and freelance context. Additionally, he has kick-started the implementation of the Power BI platform within an energy supply company, located in central Florida, in order to streamline analysis and more readily communicate operational performance within the organization.

    Drew looks forward to continually utilizing this powerful tool in his line of work and he’s thankful to be able to assist others as they develop their own proficiencies in Power BI.

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Good guide for Power BI startes

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