Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Guide

By Orrin Edenfield , Edward Corcoran
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About this book

Microsoft Power BI enables organizations to create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all. This guide to achieving the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification will help you take control of your organization's data and pass the exam with confidence.

From getting started with Power BI to connecting to data sources, including files, databases, cloud services, and SaaS providers, to using Power BI’s built-in tools to build data models and produce visualizations, this book will walk you through everything from setup to preparing for the certification exam. Throughout the chapters, you'll get detailed explanations and learn how to analyze your data, prepare it for consumption by business users, and maintain an enterprise environment in a secure and efficient way.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to create and maintain robust reports and dashboards, enabling you to manage a data-driven enterprise, and be ready to take the PL-300 exam with confidence.

Publication date:
June 2022

About the Authors

  • Orrin Edenfield

    Orrin Edenfield has 20 years of experience designing and implementing data & analytics solutions. Orrin contributes to Microsoft certification exams as well as architecture best practices and blueprints, helping to solve BI problems using Power BI and more. A Cloud Solution Architect, Orrin helps customers solve technical obstacles and helps develop Azure platforms.

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  • Edward Corcoran

    Ed Corcoran has spent 20 years in data warehousing and business intelligence work.

    A Cloud Solution Architect, Ed helps customers use Microsoft data & analytics services to solve technical obstacles, and helps develop customer implementation projects to ensure easy adoption. Ed also collaborates with product engineering to aid development of Microsoft products and Azure platforms.

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Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Guide
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