Microsoft Outlook 2016 [Video]

By Simon Sez IT
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  1. Introduction

About this video

In this comprehensive course bundle, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to navigate this program at a professional level. With this tool, you'll find out what's new in Microsoft Outlook 2016, the basics of the Outlook interface, and how to work in the user interface. From keyboard shortcuts to using Outlook on a touch device, you'll discover pro techniques that save you time and effort with this sophisticated software platform. You'll learn to create, reply to, and manage email messages, and organize them using folders. Setting up meetings very precisely and managing them can turn an amateur into a productivity pro. With this course, you'll learn to seamlessly integrate new contacts into your Address Book. You'll easily view and share calendars with others in Microsoft Outlook 2016, create a to-do list, and print your calendar to share with others. In addition, this course describes how to create time-saving rules to filter your email based on your own needs and requirements.

You'll even find out how to use the mail merge feature to merge your contact information stored in Outlook 2016 into a Microsoft Word document. Whether you're new to this software platform or just need an update on the latest features and pro tips, this course has everything you need to be productive and organized.

It provides a simple way to get organized so you can start getting more stuff done!

All the code files are placed at

Publication date:
August 2019
8 hours 0 minutes

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Microsoft Outlook 2016 [Video]
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