Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-400 Certification Guide

By Shabaz Darr , Viktor Hedberg
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About this book

Cloud technologies have massively increased the amount of data being produced and the places in which this data is stored. Without proper planning and discipline in configuring information protection for your data, you may be compromising information and regulatory compliance.

Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-400 Certification Guide begins with an overview of the SC-400 exam, and then enables you to envision, implement, and administer the Information Protection suite offered by Microsoft. The book also provides you with hands-on labs, along with the theory of creating policies and rules for content classification, data loss prevention, governance, and protection. Toward the end, you'll be able to take mock tests to help you prepare effectively for the exam.

By the end of this Microsoft book, you'll have covered everything needed to pass the SC-400 certification exam, and have a handy, on-the-job desktop reference guide.

Publication date:
February 2022

About the Authors

  • Shabaz Darr

    Shabaz Darr is a Senior Infrastructure Specialist at Netcompany based in the UK. He has 15 years plus experience working in the IT industry, 7 of those he has been working with Microsoft Cloud Technologies in general, with a focus on IAM and security. During this time he has helped multiple public and private sector clients in the UK with designing and implementing secure Microsoft Cloud platforms.

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  • Viktor Hedberg

    Viktor is a Cyber Security Consultant / Security Advisor for Truesec, based in Sweden. Specializing in Microsoft technologies whether on-premises or in the cloud, Viktor strives to secure all workloads as well as taking part in Incident Response to help organizations respond, recover, and rebuild from an attack. He has 10 years of experience in the IT industry, during this time he has worked for a number of government entities and as a consultant helped a number of global organizations with designing and implementing various Microsoft workloads, including Information Protection.

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Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-400 Certification Guide
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