Microsoft Access Beginners 2016 [Video]

By Simon Sez IT
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About this video

Microsoft Access is the leading database application and has become a standard in businesses and organizations around the World. These days, having the ability to work with a database is key to running an efficient and capable operation. Bosses everywhere appreciate any employee who is well trained in MS Access. Now that person can be you!

Microsoft Access 2016 for Beginners starts at the very beginning, showing you where to get your copy of MS Access and how to install it on your computer. Before going further, you'll get a quick tour of all the new features and improvements in 2016.

You will learn how to get started easily with database templates that make the entire process faster. Then you'll see how to create, save, and open databases.

After a tour of the Access Workspace and Backstage, you'll get a complete explanation of the toolbars and ribbons. Next, you'll master keyboard shortcuts that will greatly increase your speed and efficiency.

You'll progress to creating your own working database with step-by-step video instruction that takes you through the entire process, helping you master details while understanding the big picture.

Later, the course explores importing data from Excel and creating and working with forms and sub-forms. As you become more advanced, you'll learn how to use queries and validations, create reports, and print your projects.

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at:

Publication date:
August 2019
11 hours 26 minutes


Introduction to Access 2016 Course


Acquiring Access 2016


Structure of the Course


What's New in Access 2016

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Microsoft Access Beginners 2016 [Video]
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