Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals MS-900 Exam Guide - Second Edition

By Aaron Guilmette , Yura Lee , Marcos Zanre
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About this book

Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals certification demonstrates your foundational knowledge of adopting cloud services, specifically the software as a service (SaaS) model. Exam MS-900 tests your understanding of Microsoft 365 services, components, their implementation, security, licensing, and general cloud concepts. This updated second edition covers all the recent and important changes in the examination in detail to help you achieve certification.

You’ll begin by exploring key topics such as Microsoft security and compliance policies, pricing and support, and cloud concepts. The book helps you to understand these concepts with the help of real-world scenarios, learning about platform services such as Microsoft Windows, SharePoint, Microsoft 365 apps, Teams, and Exchange. The content has been updated to include Microsoft Forms, Power Platform, Microsoft 365 Security Center, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Insider Risk Management. Each chapter contains a section that will test your knowledge of the core concepts covered. Finally, you’ll take a practice exam with extra questions to help prepare you for the actual test.

By the end of this MS-900 book, you’ll be well-equipped to confidently pass the MS-900 certification exam with the help of the updated exam pattern.

Publication date:
December 2021

About the Authors

  • Aaron Guilmette

    Aaron Guilmette is a senior program manager at Microsoft, providing architectural guidance as well as taking specifications from customers and giving them to engineers. He primarily focuses on collaborative and automation technologies, including Microsoft Exchange and Teams, Power Automate, and scripting solutions.

    He has been involved with technology since 1998, working with customers that span the government, education, and commercial sectors. Aaron has also worked on certification exams and instructional design.

    Aaron lives in Detroit, Michigan, with his five kids. When he's not busy solving technical problems, writing, or running his kids to events, he's trying to decide whether to make pizza or tacos.

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  • Yura Lee

    Yura Lee is a technical specialist at Microsoft, focusing on all things associated with the modern workplace. She has a Microsoft 365 and Azure consulting background. Today, she focuses on helping state and local governments realize the potential of Microsoft 365 from a collaboration, productivity, and security perspective, while practicing growth and challenging mindset skills.

    Yura lives in New Jersey with her husband.

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  • Marcos Zanre

    Marcos Zanre is a senior program manager at Microsoft, working with Brazilian customers on how to improve Microsoft Teams features and services and enable, along with partners, business transformational scenarios through Teams as a platform and Azure services. Marcos has more than 10 years of IT experience and an extensive background in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services.

    Marcos lives in São Paulo, Brazil, with his wife.

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Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals MS-900 Exam Guide - Second Edition
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