Mastering REST APIs in Node.js: Zero To Hero [Video]

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By Full Stack Training Limited
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  1. Introduction to REST

About this video

Have you ever wondered how REST APIs work? Or have tried to understand all the components that are required to create REST APIs? In this course, you’ll explore all this and more.

This course will help you get started with the basics of REST APIs including the architecture and HTTP methods. You’ll also understand how relational databases and NoSQL work, along with their differences and similarities. In addition to this, you’ll explore JSON Web Tokens and token-based authentication, with useful insights into how they operate. The course will also focus on the latest buzzword GraphQL, and it's functioning.

As a bonus, Section 10 (Appendix B) has a dedicated section on how you can implement the REST API in an example application, including authentication for users.

All code and supporting files for this course are available at -

Publication date:
April 2019
8 hours 30 minutes

About the Author

  • Full Stack Training Limited

    Tamas Piros is a full stack web developer turned technical instructor and curriculam developer. He has more than a decade of experience working with large, prestigious multinational organisations such as Verizon, Panasonic, BBC and Accenture to mention a few. Throughout his career Tamas has delivered training classes all over the world to both technical and non-technical audiences and presented at well-known conferences such as JSConf, Voxxed Days and HTML5 DevConf, to name a few, as well as delivered talks and workshops at technical meetups and client locations all over the world.His unique style of teaching mixes presentations with a lots of hands-on exercises, real-life examples and use-cases

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All good
Excellent!! Direct and clear to essential points in Node Js development

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