Mastering QuickBooks 2021 - Second Edition

By Crystalynn Shelton
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  1. Section 1: Setting Up Your Company File

About this book

Intuit QuickBooks is an accounting software package that helps small business owners to manage all their bookkeeping tasks independently.

This latest edition of Mastering QuickBooks takes you through the range of new features and updates available in QuickBooks Online (QBO). Creating multilingual invoices, tracking mileage, working with a cash flow dashboard that helps you with cash forecasting and planning reports, and uploading a batch of bills and checks are just a few of the new features covered in this edition. As you progress, you’ll learn how to manage sales tax, including how to set up, collect, track, pay, and report sales tax payments. Dedicated sections will also take you through new content focused on the latest features in the QBO line-up, while also showing you the different types of businesses that can benefit from QBO Advanced. In addition to this, you’ll explore how to export reports to Google Sheets, use the custom chart builder, import budgets, perform smart reporting with Fathom, and much more.

By the end of this QuickBooks book, you'll be well-versed with the features of QuickBooks and have the confidence to manage all your bookkeeping tasks with ease.

Publication date:
January 2021

Section 1: Setting Up Your Company File

By completing Section 1, you will have completed the company file setup. Whether you are just starting your business and are brand new to accounting software or are converting from another accounting software to QuickBooks, by the end of this section, you will have a company file that is ready for you to start entering transactions.

This section comprises the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Getting Started with QuickBooks Online
  • Chapter 2, QuickBooks Online Advanced
  • Chapter 3, Company File Setup
  • Chapter 4, Migrating to QuickBooks Online
  • Chapter 5, Customizing QuickBooks for Your Business
  • Chapter 6, Managing Customers, Vendors, Products, and Services

About the Author

  • Crystalynn Shelton

    Crystalynn Shelton is the published author of the Amazon Bestseller Mastering QuickBooks 2020. She has a degree in accounting from the University of Texas, Arlington, and has been featured by Travel Wire News, CorpNet blog, Merchant Maverick, Xero, and American Express. Crystalynn has been a licensed CPA for 10 years and an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor for 13 years. She has managed accounting teams at Fortune 500 companies such as Texaco and Paramount Pictures. She ran her own bookkeeping practice for 3 years and worked for Intuit (QuickBooks) for 3 years as a senior learning specialist.

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