Mastering Puppet for Large Infrastructures [Video]

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By Thomas Uphill
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About this video

Puppet is a configuration management system that automates all your IT configurations, giving you control of what you do to each node, when you do it, and how you do it.

This video course takes you from a basic knowledge of Puppet to an advanced level of understanding latest and most advanced Puppet features. You will discover advanced techniques to deal with centralized and decentralized Puppet deployments and take control of your servers and desktops. This course will also present interesting examples to automate Puppet deployment for configuration management and to automate every aspect of your systems including provisioning, deployment, and change management. By learning these skills, you will make Puppet reliant, scalable, and high performing.

Publication date:
November 2016
4 hours 46 minutes

About the Author
  • Thomas Uphill

    Thomas Uphill ( is a long-time user of Puppet. He has presented Puppet tutorials at LOPSA-East, Cascada, and PuppetConf. He has also been a system administrator for over 20 years, working primarily with RedHat systems; he is currently a RedHat Certified Architect (RHCA). When not running the Puppet User Group of Seattle (PUGS), he volunteers for the LOPSA board and his local LOPSA chapter, SASAG. He blogs at

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Latest Reviews (1 reviews total)
Gives an idea on how to build large infra. Been very useful to me in painting the big picture of the requirements ...
Mastering Puppet for Large Infrastructures [Video]
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