Mastering Probability and Statistics in Python [Video]

By AI Sciences
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About this video

In today’s ultra-competitive business universe, probability and statistics are the most important fields of study. That is because statistical research presents businesses with the data they need to make informed decisions in every business area, whether it is market research, product development, product launch timing, customer data analysis, sales forecast, or employee performance.

But why do you need to master probability and statistics in Python?

The answer is that an expert grip on the concepts of statistics and probability with data science will enable you to take your career to the next level. This course is designed carefully to reflect the most in-demand skills that will help you in understanding the concepts and methodology with regard to Python.

The course is as follows:

Easy to understand



Practical with live coding

About establishing links between probability and machine learning

By the end of this course, you will be able to relate the concepts and theories in machine learning with probabilistic reasoning and understand the methodology of statistics and probability with data science, using real datasets.

The code files and all related files are uploaded on the GitHub repository at

Publication date:
June 2021
12 hours 30 minutes

About the Author
  • AI Sciences

    AI Sciences is a group of experts, PhDs, and practitioners of AI, ML, computer science, and statistics. Some of the experts work in big companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, KPMG, BCG, and IBM.

    They have produced a series of courses mainly dedicated to beginners and newcomers on the techniques and methods of machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and data science.

    Initially, their objective was to help only those who wish to understand these techniques more easily and to be able to start without too much theory. Today, they also publish more complete courses for a wider audience. Their courses have had phenomenal success and have helped more than 100,000 students master AI and data science.

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Mastering Probability and Statistics in Python [Video]
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