Mastering Object-Oriented Programming with Python [Video]

By Burkhard Meier
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  1. Python Class Logging, Docstrings, and Unit Testing

About this video

Object-oriented programming—combined with Python's flexibility and power and accompanied by improvements in design, coding, and software maintenance—makes difficult tasks much more manageable. This course offers deep insights into object-oriented programming (OOP) to help you develop expert-level, object-oriented Python skills.

Starting with a detailed analysis of object-oriented analysis and design, you will quickly master classes, data encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and exceptions. We show you how to use JSON, YAML, Pickle, CSV, XML, Shelve, and SQL to create persistent objects and transmit objects between processes. We iterate over collections, using properties and class methods; explore closures and mix-ins; and command-line arguments.

By the end of this course, you will find that programming in OOP clears the mind and makes your code reusable, readable, and extendable as well as easy to maintain.

Beginning by looking at a range of design patterns for the _init_() method, you will learn how to effectively use a range of Python's special methods to create classes that integrate with Python's built-in features, and find detailed explorations and demonstrations of callables and contexts, containers and collections, numbers and decorators, and mixins, with a focus on best practices for effective and successful design. The video also features information that demonstrates how to create persistent objects using JSON, YAML, Pickle, CSV, XML, Shelve, and SQL and shows you how to transmit objects between processes. Going further into OOP, you'll find expert information on logging, warnings, unit testing, and working with the command line.

Structured in 3 parts to make OOP's complexity more manageable (Pythonic Classes via Special Methods; Persistence, Serialization, and Testing; and, Debugging, Deploying, and Maintaining), this course provides deep insights into OOP that will help you develop expert-level, object-oriented Python skills.

You can find the code for this course on GitHub:

Publication date:
August 2019
5 hours 11 minutes

About the Author

  • Burkhard Meier

    Burkhard Meier has more than 19 years of professional experience working in the software industry as a software tester and developer, specializing in software test automation development, execution, and analysis. He has a very strong background in Python 3 software test automation development, as well as in SQL relational database administration, the development of stored procedures, and debugging code. His previous jobs include working as a senior test automation engineer and designer for InfoGenesis (now Agilysys), QAD, InTouch Health, and FLIR Systems. Over the past three years, he has also developed several video courses on Python for Packt, the latest course being Mastering Object-Oriented Programming with Python.

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