Mastering Machine Learning on AWS

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By Dr. Saket S.R. Mengle , Maximo Gurmendez
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  1. Section 1: Machine Learning on AWS

About this book

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is constantly driving new innovations that empower data scientists to explore a variety of machine learning (ML) cloud services. This book is your comprehensive reference for learning and implementing advanced ML algorithms in AWS cloud.

As you go through the chapters, you’ll gain insights into how these algorithms can be trained, tuned, and deployed in AWS using Apache Spark on Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), SageMaker, and TensorFlow. While you focus on algorithms such as XGBoost, linear models, factorization machines, and deep nets, the book will also provide you with an overview of AWS as well as detailed practical applications that will help you solve real-world problems. Every application includes a series of companion notebooks with all the necessary code to run on AWS. In the next few chapters, you will learn to use SageMaker and EMR Notebooks to perform a range of tasks, right from smart analytics and predictive modeling through to sentiment analysis.

By the end of this book, you will be equipped with the skills you need to effectively handle machine learning projects and implement and evaluate algorithms on AWS.

Publication date:
May 2019


Section 1: Machine Learning on AWS

The objective of this section is to introduce readers to machine learning in the context of AWS cloud computing and services. We expect our audience to have some basic knowledge of machine learning. However, we'll describe the nature of a typically successful machine learning project, and the challenges often faced. We will provide an overview of the different AWS services, along with examples of typical machine learning pipelines and the key aspects to consider in order to create smart AI-powered products.

This section contains the following chapter:

  • Chapter 1, Getting Started with Machine Learning for AWS

About the Authors

  • Dr. Saket S.R. Mengle

    Dr. Saket S.R. Mengle holds a PhD in text mining from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He has worked in a variety of fields, including text classification, information retrieval, large-scale machine learning, and linear optimization. He currently works as senior principal data scientist at dataxu, where he is responsible for developing and maintaining the algorithms that drive dataxu's real-time advertising platform.

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  • Maximo Gurmendez

    Maximo Gurmendez holds a master's degree in computer science/AI from Northeastern University, where he attended as a Fulbright Scholar. Since 2009, he has been working with dataxu as data science engineering lead. He's also the founder of Montevideo Labs (a data science and engineering consultancy). Additionally, Maximo is a computer science professor at the University of Montevideo and is director of its data science for business program.

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