Mastering Ethereum

By Merunas Grincalaitis
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  1. Section 1: Blockchain - Ethereum Refresher

About this book

Ethereum is one of the commonly used platforms for building blockchain applications. It's a decentralized platform for applications that can run exactly as programmed without being affected by fraud, censorship, or third-party interference.

This book will give you a deep understanding of how blockchain works so that you can discover the entire ecosystem, core components, and its implementations. You will get started by understanding how to configure and work with various Ethereum protocols for developing dApps. Next, you will learn to code and create powerful smart contracts that scale with Solidity and Vyper. You will then explore the building blocks of the dApps architecture, and gain insights on how to create your own dApp through a variety of real-world examples. The book will even guide you on how to deploy your dApps on multiple Ethereum instances with the required best practices and techniques. The next few chapters will delve into advanced topics such as, building advanced smart contracts and multi-page frontends using Ethereum blockchain. You will also focus on implementing machine learning techniques to build decentralized autonomous applications, in addition to covering several use cases across a variety of domains such as, social media and e-commerce.

By the end of this book, you will have the expertise you need to build decentralized autonomous applications confidently.

Publication date:
April 2019


Section 1: Blockchain - Ethereum Refresher

In this section, you'll develop a solid understanding of how to program better smart contracts and dApps while reviewing assumptions to improve the psychology behind code.

The following chapters are included in this section:

About the Author

  • Merunas Grincalaitis

    Merunas Grincalaitis, born in Lithuania and based in Spain since he was 4, has worked with blockchain companies all around the world, helping them create ICOs, dApps, MVPs, technical whitepapers, web apps, and audits so that they improve the Ethereum ecosystem with decentralized solutions that return people's trust in themselves.

    He created one of the first books about Ethereum development, named Ethereum Developer - Learn Solidity From Scratch, which sold a lot of copies worldwide, as a quick guide to provide a bridge for programmers interested in the world of Ethereum and smart contract programming.

    Currently, he's working on providing free learning resources through his Medium blog to all developers looking for expert guidance.

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Mastering Ethereum
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