Mastering CSS [Video]

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By Rich Finelli
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About this video

CSS is a deceptively simple presentation language that has significantly developed over the last few years. Frontend developers need to keep style sheets manageable and organized by taking a modular approach to building a website. They can either wrestle with it, or learn how to master it in order to easily apply layouts and styles with precision.

This web development video course has been designed to help you build your knowledge of CSS and master one of the most valuable tools in modern web design.

We start off with a brief review of the foundations of CSS by using a good text editor to automate your authoring and set up a CSS baseline. We then move on to creating a layout with floats and a functioning menu with dropdowns, taking a modular-organized approach to CSS. We’ll also go into detail about CSS3 properties such as transforms, transitions, and animations. By the end, you’ll have an understanding of responsive web design, web fonts, icon fonts, and techniques used to support retina devices; all things a modern frontend web developer must know.

We deep dive into a lot of details of CSS in this course, from creating a modern looking ghost button and a big call-to-action button to the supposedly difficult and scary SVG. Mastering CSS will arm you with all the knowledge, tips, and tricks you need to make you stand out in the world of developing complex, responsive, feature-rich web applications.

Style and Approach

This video course is an easy-going and pragmatic approach to authoring style sheets, and will help you gain a very solid understanding of CSS. The course keeps building your knowledge as each section discusses several features with CSS3 in order to create complex, feature-rich web applications.

Publication date:
June 2015
4 hours 44 minutes

About the Author

  • Rich Finelli

    Rich Finelli, is a front end developer and a CS video trainer. He is truly passionate and excited about front end technologies and enjoys learning about web development.

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Latest Reviews

(10 reviews total)
good easy to understand and follow the concepts and follow along with the examples
I bought a video tutorial on responsive web design by Rich Finelli and felt it was excellent value for money and very informative. I would recommend Packt publishing and i would definitely purchase again.
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