Mastering Blazor WebAssembly

By Ahmad Mozaffar
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About this book

Blazor WebAssembly has become the trend in the world of software development, as a revolutionary technology that allows you to develop rich user interface web applications using C# without JavaScript. Blazor WebAssembly can also be run natively in the browser & mobile apps shortly with .NET MAUI; this adds a superweapon in the toolbox for .NET developers and open the doors for the JavaScript community to have a stable framework to build Single Page Applications, maintained by Microsoft and driven by the community.

Mastering Blazor WebAssembly is a complete resource that shows you everything you need from A to Z to build Client-Side web applications using C# & .NET 6.0. Throughout this book, you will discover the anatomy of a Blazor WebAssembly project, the build, style, and structure of the components, and will start implementing forms to catch the input and collect user's data, as well as deep dive into the topics of navigating between the pages, handling complex scenarios like RenderTrees, writing efficient unit tests, using variant security methods, and publishing the app to different providers all following a practical fashion.

By the end of this book, you will have all the required skills to build web apps with Blazor WebAssembly and have the basics for a future in mobile development with .NET MAUI & Blazor.

Publication date:
April 2023

About the Author

  • Ahmad Mozaffar

    Ahmad Mozaffar is a senior software engineer, cloud developer, and trainer who is currently working at ContraForce as a senior full-stack engineer responsible for developing SaaS platforms using Blazor, Azure Serverless, and other modern technologies. His passion for software development, especially with .NET and Azure started at a very early age. He loves teaching people about software using Blazor, Azure, and other Microsoft technologies through his YouTube channel, AK Academy, or writing articles on multiple platforms that reached more than 400K readers.

    Originally from Syria, the author has lived in multiple cities around the world and is currently living in the most modern and inspiring city of Dubai.

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Mastering Blazor WebAssembly
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