Mastering AWS Development [Video]

By Wayne Ye
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About this video

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the gold standard of the cloud. If you are web and cloud computing developer, your life becomes much easier by diving deeper into AWS.

This course shows you how to use AWS services such as IAM, S3, EC2, and RDS/Dynamo to make your applications reliable and have a consistent performance. You’ll build modern serverless applications on the cloud, and use native computing solutions such as Lambda ECS/Fargate to implement cutting-edge container technology. Finally, learn a few popular AWS services like SQS, Cognito, and Kinesis.

By the end of this course, you’ll be a master at building, deploying, and managing your applications on AWS. And you’ll know how to scale and secure your applications thanks to industry best practices.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at:

Style and Approach

This course gives you hands-on instructions, interesting and illustrative examples, and clear explanations to help you master AWS. You’ll also get useful tips and advice to help you succeed and overcome obstacles.

Publication date:
April 2019
3 hours 12 minutes

About the Author

  • Wayne Ye

    Wayne Ye is a veteran full-stack engineer/technical lead, certified AWS Solutions Architect, and CodeProject MVP with more than 14 years' solid experience in a wide range of programming languages/platforms including in C# (ASP.NET), Python (Django/Flask), JavaScript/Nodejs, and Ruby (RoR).

    He is a team player and a hard problem solver, with strong expertise in Cloud Computing, distributed systems, microservices, DevOps, and the Agile/Scrum methodology. He works at Autodesk as a Principle Engineer right now, and also has experience working in Shanghai, Singapore, and San Francisco. He authored the book Instant Cucumber BDD How-To published by Packt, and also holds a PMP certification.

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