Mastering 5G Network Design, Implementation, and Operation

By Shyam Varan Nath , Ananya Simlai , Oğuzhan Kara
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About this book

We are living in an age where ultra-fast internet speed is not just a need, but a necessity. The ever evolving applications demand a reliable network with low latency and high speeds. The widespread commercial adoption of driverless cars, robotic factory floors, AR/VR based immersive sport events will soon come to pass and has already been piloted in major events. All this and so much more is enabled by the power of 5G technology.

In this book, you will develop a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks that enable this technology. You will unravel the aspects which make 5G unique and capable of addressing such high quality demands. The technologies that back 5G, the enhancements in the air-interface and the packet core that come together to light up the network which is capable of such unbelievable performance. You will discover the means to design and implement 5G Macro and Private networks at the same time understand the various design and deployment options available and what option is best suited for a particular use-case. Next, you will glance at the operational and maintenance aspects of such networks and how 5G works together with fixed wireline and satellite technologies. This book brings together the theoretical and practical aspects of 5G, thereby enabling you to use it as a hand book to bring up a 5G network.

Publication date:
June 2023

About the Authors

  • Shyam Varan Nath

    Shyam Varan Nath is a Specialist Leader, with focus on Telco, Media and High Tech (TMT) industry at Deloitte. Prior to this, he worked for Oracle, General Electric, IBM, Halliburton and Daleen (a Telecom revenue services provider). He is the primary author of three books, Building Industrial Digital Twins, Industrial Digital Transformation, and Architecting the Industrial Internet. His expertise involves IIoT, Digital Twins, cloud computing, databases, AI/ML, and Telecom billing. He has worked on driving digital transformation at several large companies. He is a Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) club and very active on Twitter (shyamvaran). He is the founder of the analytics user group called AnDOUC (formerly BIWA). He has an undergraduate degree from IIT Kanpur, India, as well as an MSc (in computer science) and an MBA from FAU, Boca Raton, Florida. Shyam is part of the Program Committee of IoTSWC and a regular speaker at large technology events.

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  • Ananya Simlai

    Ananya Simlai is a Solutions Architect with primary focus on Wireless- 4G-5G Mobility Networks, Cloud Native and NFVI, she is a Trusted Advisor for service providers helping them address their technological challenges thereby enabling them to smoothly transition across technologies like 4G- 5G. She has been a speaker on 5G on international forums and also interacts with CTO teams to design their 5G story. She has published multiple papers on 5G and holds granted patents. She has been instrumental in designing, implementing and successfully rolling out one of the largest 5G mobile networks in the globe. She is currently working as an architect in Google and has previously worked in Vmware, Cisco, Altiostar Networks and Starent Networks.

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  • Oğuzhan Kara

    Oğuzhan Kara is a microelectronics engineer with 12 years of mobile technologies experience including 5G NR, VoLTE, LTE-A, O-RAN, IoT, AI and autonomous systems. He is an expert in Radio Access Network (RAN) design and network optimization. He worked as consultant for different mobile network operators such that AT&T, Partner (f.k.a. Orange in Israel), Hot Mobile, and Yota. In 2021, he founded his own telecommunications consultancy company based in London, UK and he is currently providing 5G consultancy services to Qualcomm and Vodafone.

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Mastering 5G Network Design, Implementation, and Operation
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