Linux Administration Best Practices

By Scott Alan Miller
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  1. Chapter 1: What Is the Role of a System Administrator?

About this book

Linux is a well-known, open source Unix-family operating system that is the most widely used OS today. Linux looks set for a bright future for decades to come, but system administration is rarely studied beyond learning rote tasks or following vendor guidelines. To truly excel at Linux administration, you need to understand how these systems work and learn to make strategic decisions regarding them.

Linux Administration Best Practices helps you to explore best practices for efficiently administering Linux systems and servers. This Linux book covers a wide variety of topics from installation and deployment through to managing permissions, with each topic beginning with an overview of the key concepts followed by practical examples of best practices and solutions. You'll find out how to approach system administration, Linux, and IT in general, put technology into proper business context, and rethink your approach to technical decision making. Finally, the book concludes by helping you to understand best practices for troubleshooting Linux systems and servers that'll enable you to grow in your career as well as in any aspect of IT and business.

By the end of this Linux administration book, you'll have gained the knowledge needed to take your Linux administration skills to the next level.

Publication date:
March 2022


Section 1: Understanding the Role of Linux System Administrator

The objective of Section 1 is to help you to comprehend the scope, responsibilities, role, and mandate of the System Administrator function. We take the reader past the concept of tasks and really attempt to dig into the purpose and value of the role at a much deeper level.

This part of the book comprises the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, What Is the Role of a System Administrator?
  • Chapter 2, Choosing Your Distribution and Release Model

About the Author

  • Scott Alan Miller

    Scott Alan Miller has more than thirty years of experience in IT and software engineering having worked in companies of all sizes, from the smallest firms to the largest companies and governments, and in all types across nearly every type of industry with specialization in investment banking and small business. Scott has been an avid writer for IT magazines and books in both IT and software engineering, has led IT for companies, overseen outsourcing firms, spoken at conferences, worked in both K12 and university programs, contributed heavily to technology forums, and generally been involved in every aspect of the industry. Today Scott provides CIO and architecture services to companies of all sizes through an international consultancy. He also pursues his hobbies including being a hotelier, restaurateur, and photographer.

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Linux Administration Best Practices
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