Learning Windows Penetration Testing Using Kali Linux [Video]

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By Angelique Keyter
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About this video

Kali Linux is the premier platform for testing and maintaining Windows security. This course will help you understand the threats and how to safeguard your network and websites.

In this course, you’ll start by gathering information about the target network and websites to discover all the vulnerable ports. Moving on, you’ll learn to bypass security restrictions using exploitation tools to access the target system. Also, you’ll hack websites using various pentesting tools and learn how to present your test reports.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to find, exploit, and prevent security vulnerabilities in Windows OS using Kali Linux.

Style and Approach

This course will take you through installing your OS to reporting your work. You’ll use Kali tools to scan for vulnerabilities and also exploit, inject, and crack passwords. This course is hands-on, so get your labs set up and enjoy getting your hands dirty.

Publication date:
November 2018
3 hours 46 minutes

About the Author

  • Angelique Keyter

    Taking education on security to a completely new level, Angelique Keyter is devoted to making a difference in the world of cybercrime. She has numerous years of hacking and lecturing behind her and focuses her time on making a difference in her community and teaching people how to fight an unseen criminal. Angelique is a certified hacker, Linux professional, and Microsoft solutions expert with more than 20 years of experience. She is a mother of twins and spends a lot of time studying new things and learning new concepts. She believes that you are never too old to learn. She has a passion for gaming and geeky stuff from hacking to robotics to forensic psychology. She is a focused person with a witty sense of humor, always ready to help or play football with her boys.

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Latest Reviews

(2 reviews total)
the authors had shown a link to gwt extra materal but the link was no longer working.
Great content, presentation and formatting from subject matter experts.

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