Learning PHP 7 [Video]

4.3 (6 reviews total)
By Nicola Pietroluongo
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About this video

PHP is back and is faster and more lightweight than ever. The world of web technology is seamlessly evolving, and PHP 7’s simplicity and prowess addresses the requirements of current and future web and mobile application development.

Learning PHP 7 demonstrates how to script for the web, providing everything from simple PHP commands to advanced data manipulations.

The course takes a deep dive into basic PHP concepts such as variables, constants, operators, arrays, conditionals, and loops, which every developer needs to master. The course also covers object-oriented paradigms and coding standards, which acts as the do’s and don'ts of writing code.

The core of the course lies in bringing all the newly introduced features to fruition. This is done through the creation of a fun social web application where a viewer can post and share pictures including features of likes and comments. The use of several controllers in the application provides the viewer with a learning curve to add more interactivity to their own applications. The course also shows you how to build an administrative panel with an intuitive menu and create a dynamic page to manage the users, photos, and comments in the application.

Important topics such as creating an API for an RSS feed, deploying with Docker and Amazon AWS, and versioning with Git are a real bonus for blooming web developers.

Style and Approach

This course takes a low-level approach to begin with, introducing the fundamentals of the language before demonstrating the major advancements in the platform through the creation of a "social web application".

Publication date:
March 2016
2 hours 45 minutes

About the Author

  • Nicola Pietroluongo

    Nicola Pietroluongo is a software engineer with many years of experience.

    His development background covers over a decade of working in a wide area of development stack building web applications for big companies across Europe. He is passionate about experimenting new technologies and is currently creating and contributing to interesting open source projects (Github:https://github.com/Fakerino/Fakerino).

    Furthermore, he is an article writer for blogs and magazines and a conference speaker. nicolapietroluongo.com Twitter: @niklongstone

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Latest Reviews

(6 reviews total)
Very good content, nice work
Very nice, simple and point direct. Don't wast time on tiny concepts and realy focus on the core of the subject. Recommend to anyone who's already had some minimal experience in PHP, not to totally new guys to programming language.
It is far to abridged for a Learning Video course. The material is also rushed through with it just being thrown on the screen and then refers you to other websites for more, "meaty" material. It doesn't actually TEACH you anything... it just basically highlights certain material.
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